Asteria 2


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Size: 32cm x 29cm (frame is 59cm x 46cm).

Media: Pencil/Charcoal/Pastel/23 Carat Gold Leaf

Introducing Asteria 2, an extraordinary original art work inspired by the Titan goddess known for her connection to falling stars and the ancient arts of oneiromancy (dream divination) and astrology (celestial divination).

Asteria 2 transports you into the enchanting realm of this celestial Titan, capturing her timeless essence with intricate detail and exquisite artistry. Each stroke of the artist’s hand brings to life the profound wisdom of falling stars and the mystical insights hidden within the night.

Immerse yourself in the cosmic allure of Asteria 2, where art becomes a conduit to ancient knowledge and celestial wonder. This unique artwork serves as a visual journey into the mysteries of the night sky and the power of dreams. Illuminate your space with Asteria 2, and let its celestial symbolism inspire your own connection to the divine.


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