Welcome to Tracey Waddington Art

Tracey Waddington (BA Hons) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Yorkshire, UK. She is originally from an industrial mill town principally producing paper. Once the coal mines and mills began to close, the canals and railway systems were no longer used. It was in this interesting and diverse environment Tracey drew her inspiration. Nature had reclaimed itself and filled the canals with wildlife. Plants and trees crowded the railway lines and the bleak slag heaps become a painterly silver birch forest.

As the world focuses sharply on environmental issues, her understanding of nature and its slow demise became an obsession. Today her work is driven by her personal relationship with nature, which developed as a very curious child and her realisation that nature can revive.

Tracey’s work is driven by emotional and mindful cognition. She creates evocative dream like scenes that are emotive. Subtle symbolism pushes further understanding and her discourse with the viewer is complete whilst the sensation lingers in the mind.

Collectors from around the world, including the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA have been drawn to Tracey’s work and her vision of a more sustainable future for the planet.