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I grew up in Radcliffe, a once thriving mill town that boasted a large network of railways and canals that transported a plethora of raw materials and goods.There were collieries, cotton and dying works and Radcliffe was famous for its many, many paper mills. But eventually these routes became unused as industries waned. Canals filled up with plant life and pond animals. The ugly slag heaps were purposely re-wilded with silver birch trees whilst pastures remained and retained their hedgerows. I wandered these places and I looked and absorbed and was happy amongst it all.

In my house where I grew up there was art, jazz, old films, poetry and books. My mother made a beautiful cottage garden for us to enjoy. My father was an artist and both of them had a great love of nature. The wildlife even came into the house. There was a magpie called ‘Maggie’ who regularly came in through the dining room window and would sit on the table visiting mainly my doting father.

These were all wonderful influences for a youngster and I am eternally grateful. I now live in Yorkshire nestled in the Calder valley and I am visited every day by Jackdaws. I visit crows in the lower parts of the valley and Ravens high up amongst the crags.


I create my drawings and paintings in my house, going from room to room at will, I make my studio where I find my materials and there are many. I am constantly discovering new ways to create art. I like art materials and processes and actively seek out new and traditional. Lately quite old materials spanning back to illuminated texts of which I am still learning.

I studied at Manchester School of Art obtaining a Fine Art degree when I was much older. I consider my art to be  from years and years of practice. I am self taught first and foremost. Being self taught has given me a natural curiosity, a need to experiment, an open minded attitude, self determination and independence.

My work has found its way to various places both nationally and internationally. From institutions to personal collections. I feel very fortunate to now  be able to give all of my time to my art.

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