Completion of a New Drawing – Rook

Rook image

I have just completed ‘Rook’ (graphite & carbon. Approx. A3.) I considered their ‘self’, I think eyes are very important when showing the gaze of a living being. We perceive the life within. Their intelligence is renowned for they are are incredibly inquisitive. They can form relationships with us that is not bonded by food. They appear to enjoy our company.

Birds such as these have been vilified throughout agricultural history as a nuisance and takers of the grain. But take a closer look and you can see how astonishing these animals are. Corvids are adept with tools, or can solve a puzzles. Interestingly they have no distinctive difference between the two sexes; no difference in size or colouration, no difference in strength or ability. I return again and again to drawing corvids.

There are many reasons to draw all animals but corvids are special. Underappreciated, often maligned or depicted as portents of doom when that is not the reality.

This drawing is available as a Giclee print in the shop, take a look. Maybe they will spike your curiosity.


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